Revolutionize Glucose Control with AI-based clinical decision support

Meet Glucomeo™, the safest insulin management protocol in critical care to date.
This clinical decision support software, connected to the electronic medical record, provides personalised risk-based insulin and nutrition therapy in adults, pediatrics, and neonatal intensive care unit patients.
Insulin and nutrition management has never been this simple and stress-free.

Save lives with confidence

Control patients glycemia knowing the risks thanks to digital twins and predictive AI technology. Clinical data are used in real-time to assess patient-specific response to insulin, and AI models predict patient variability and forecast hypoglycemic risks to recommend insulin and nutrition dosage.
This automated glycemic control protocol provides numerous advantages, including optimal blood glucose management, reduced clinical burden, streamlined quality assurance, and cost savings.

Enhanced safety


time in range* and virtually no hypoglycemia. Thanks to Glucomeo™, safe and effective control for all patients is possible, even at normoglycaemic ranges, significantly improving patient outcomes.

* 4.4-8.0mmol/L | 80-145mg/dL

Reduced Clinical Burden


workload reduction when using Glucomeo™, allowing to allocate medical staff time more efficiently and focus on other critical aspects of patients care.

Cost savings


cost savings per patient. That is a 1.2M$ annual cost saving for a medium size hospital.

Confidence for Quality


protocol compliance thanks to very high confidence in Glucomeo™. Connected to the EMR, recommendations, alarms, reminders, and workflow are streamlined for improved real-time tracking and reporting for quality assurance.

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