Glucomeo™ is a unique framework tool for insulin and nutrition management.

Say Hello to personalised medicine, thanks to digital twin and predictive AI technology.
Say Goodbye to hypoglycemia, by dosing insulin and nutrition knowing the risks.

How does it work ?
Patient-specific response to insulin and nutrition is analysed in real-time, and AI-based predictions are used to assess hypo- and hyper- glycemic risks to recommend optimal treatment. Clinical staff keeps control and is free to chose or adapt treatment, but finally has the good tool they can rely on to make decision in a stress-free manner. All factors potentially affecting glucose control are presented in one place, with a reminder and alarm system allowing to focus on other important care tasks.

This decision support software revolutionises insulin and nutrition therapy, and helps in everyday management, improving control and patient outcomes, facilitating nurse workflow, and significantly reducing related costs of care.

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Discover our in-silico trials toolbox

Based on years of research experience, insilicare developped a unique in-silico trials toolbox.

In-silico trials enable to simulate different treatments or protocols on virtual patients, characterised by their unique digital twin.
Such virtual simulations enable to assess the impact of a new protocol on patients prior further animal or clinical testing or use.

With our fully anonymised, high quality cohort data consisting of over 750 digital twins of real patients, you can simulate your new protocol and get a complete safety and performance report thanks to our expertise and excellence in medical statistics.